The Moodulor project



Moodulor is an innovative Design product consisting of a simple system of modular adhesive tiles made of a highly technological ceramic material with  an ultra-thin thickness. Every   tile is  printed by hand  with  some geometric  patterns coming from the   breakdown of a square figure  developed in a structured and an organized pattern . In this way some apparently different  patterns  may be mixed and matched  together resulting in  a multitude of some  unexpected  and personal arrangements. In Moodulor the huge and impressive classical Italian heritage  (made of mosaics, floors and tiles) is tied together with a need   to experiment some  new  decorative arrangements, in a game    that may alternate     full and empty,  positive- and- negative. The tiles are very  light and easy to handle and are  thought to decorate, to  cover, to  change any surface in full freedom and in such an easy way,   that everybody can personalize the new “dress” to be created.





 Moodulor is a kit of adhesive tiles made of ultrathin and light  porcelain stoneware  (0,118 In).  

It is sold in boxes of 32 or 64 pieces.   It will cover any house space or piece of furnishing.

 Thanks to the water jet precision cut system, the tiles, glazed and printed by hand, can be used to cover and decorate any surface without special skills.  There is no need for professional workers or special equipment.  The minimum thickness, precision cut, lightness, and the absence of gaps between the tiles, the application  of a special double-side adhesive tape on the back of the tile,  allows for “do it yourself decoration” on all ordinary surfaces ( plaster, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, pvc, glass).

 Water and heat resistant, these tiles are easy to clean and the colors remain vibrant.  The use of these covering tiles is recommended for every room in the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen or to the living room,without any limitations. 

 The hand printed geometric motifs are derived from the decomposition of the square and come in many different compositions, that can be combined with full freedom of expression to re-invent, innovate and modify any type of Surface.

 Moodulor is the result of a collaboration between a Young designer (Gianni Cinti) and MOD (Original Deruta Majolica), a producer of traditional ceramics since 1965, with the goal of combining tradition and contemporary design.


Peel and play with Moodulor




 -Material: Ultrathin Porcelain Stoneware

 -Thickness: 0,118 In

 -Weight: 0,22 lb

 -Measurements:3,94 x 3,94 In

 - Hand Glazing and Hand  Printing

 - High-Temperature Multi-firing

 - Precision Water Jet Cut

 - Double-side Adhesive on Back

 - Tested on all flat surfaces




Clean intended surface with alcohol, let surface dry completely, peel off protective tape, place tile on intended surface. Apply some pressure to ensure it is secure, follow these steps for all surfaces.